GISS 2025 - Giessen International Schizophrenia Symposium

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Link to the recorded lectures from GISS 2023!

GISS 2023

Welcome to the official website for the Giessen International Schizophrenia Symposium!

GISS 2023 highlights included the lectures from the Nobel laureate Tom Sudhof “Synapses in neuropsychiatric disorders: NRXN1 deletions and beyond”, from Iris Sommer (Professor of Psychiatry, Groningen, Netherlands): „Nutritional Psychiatry“, from Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg (CEO and Chair, Central Institute of Mental Health, Germany): Mechanisms of Risk- and resilience in schizophrenia and from the EPA president Peter Falkai about „Aerobic Exercise in Schizophrenia: Understanding and Cure“ (LMU Munich, Germany).

GISS Lecture 2023

Tom Südhof (Stanford, USA) Synapses in neuropsychiatric disorders: NRXN1 deletions and beyond

Robert Sommer Lecture 2023

Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg (ZI Mannheim, Germany) Mechanisms of Risk- and resilience in schizophrenia

Key Note Lectures 2023

Iris Sommer (Groningen, Netherlands) Nutritional Psychiatry
Peter Falkai (LMU Munich, Germany) Aerobic Exercise in Schizophrenia: Understanding and Cure
Robin Murray (London, United Kingdom) An aetiological approach to the treatment of psychosis
Daniel Weinberger (Baltimore, USA) Genomic Insights about the Prenatal Origins of Behavioral Disorders
David Lewis (Pittsburgh, USA) A Molecular and Neural Circuitry Substrate for Cognitive Dysfunction in SZ

Opening Symposium 2023

Dan Rujescu
Stefan Borgwardt
Silvana Galderisi

Presidential Symposium 2023

Christoph Correll
Nikolaos Koutsouleris
Tilo Kircher
Branislava Curcic-Blake

Saturday Morning Symposium 2023

Ofer Pasternak
Gregor Leicht
Sebastian Walther
Alkomiet Hasan

Closing (Neuroimaging) Symposium 2023

Todd Woodward
Peter Uhlhaas
Amanda Lyall
Marek Kubicki

Expert Classes 2023

Gregor Leicht EEG
Todd Woodward Task-based fMRI
Alkomiet Hasan Implementation of evidence-based schizophrenia care
Christoph Correll State of the art of schizophrenia pharmacological treatment
Candelaria Mahlke The role of peers in clinical practice
Ofer Pasternak
Marek Kubicki
Amanda Lyall
DTI in schizophrenia research
Sebastian Walther
Christoph Mulert
Neurostimulation in schizophrenia
Christos Pantelis Meet the Expert

Non-profit society for the advancement of research at the Centre for Psychiatry
Justus Liebig University School of Medicine
Giessen, Germany, EU

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